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Why Hire an Editor?

Don't rely on an ai chatbot, spell check and other editing programs to catch everything. They will pick up a few typos and correct them, but they'll also make odd suggestions and create confusion. A professional set of eyes can help you with an essay, a blog post, a magazine article, or an advertisement. An editor doesn't nitpick; an editor helps you produce a professional product.

1. Editors can save you time and money

Submitting corrections because of a mistake can be costly. Corrections can cost you the perfect grade you're hoping to get. It can hit your wallet when you have to reissue a correct document. It can also get expensive if you're caught in legal proceedings due to a tiny mistake that wasn't caught.

Since you've hired an editor, you can use that time to move on to other work and responsibilities. An editor can also work with you on a budget and keep on schedule.

2. Helps you avoid embarrassment

Don't risk confusing your readers, instructor, or boss. Editors help perfect your words so they're crystal clear, and editors check for consistency. Don't run the risk of having something written differently several times, and avoid misprinting the name of a company. The last thing you want is your reputation associated with embarrassing mistakes.

3. Offers a second pair of eyes and an objective mind

You've looked at your project for hours and hours every single day. You're tired of looking at it, so you're not seeing anything that needs correcting. An editor can offer a fresh pair of eyes and spot issues that might have slipped through. Maybe you've used a word one time too many or maybe spell check didn't catch something.

Having your friend or family member review your work isn't the same thing. First off, they might be too scared to offer any kind of criticism or point out mistakes. Editors will have your best interests at heart, but they will also see your work first. There is nothing personal when you've hired an editor to perfect your product. Editors are 100% objective with no exceptions.

4. Makes you look good

Your reputation and your product are important. You want to put out a product with no embarrassing errors. Editors have the experience, education, and expertise to help you produce the best possible product.


This is light editing that includes proofreading. I review your work for any mechanical errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

Copy Editing

If your project is already in the final stages, I can help you polish things up. I look for misspelling , basic grammar, punctuation, capitalization, typos, consistency, and other discrepancies.

Line Editing

Line editing is more intense than copy editing in that I provide line-by-line edits to ensure clarity, cohesion, and readability. I make sure your sentences are powerful and concise.

Ad Review

I go through your print and online advertisements with a fine-tooth comb. I look for spelling, grammar, image and logo quality, and any issues that might arise in the printing process.

No two projects are the same and because of that, I tailor my services to your individual needs. Below are the typical services I provide. If you're not sure what you need, please get in touch and we can figure it out together.

An open empty notebook on a white desk next to an iPhone and a MacBook
An open empty notebook on a white desk next to an iPhone and a MacBook

My Editorial Process

Before beginning, we will discuss what your needs and expectations are. I will then evaluate your sample edit or advertisement to determine the right level of editing or proofreading.

The sample edit allows me to figure out an estimate. This also shows you my editing style and skills.

Please note that electronic submissions are always edited with Microsoft Word's tracked changes. If you do not have Microsoft Word, we can arrange alternate methods during the consultation period.

Step 1 - The Beginning
Step 2 - Editing

After the consultation and sample edit, agreed upon timeline, and after both parties have signed the contract, the work can begin.

During the editing process, I will send you proofs to review. You will make the changes, or we can discuss why not to make the changes, and then the proof comes back to me to look over.

As the editorial work continues, I will keep you updated on the progress of your project.

Step 3 - The Final Product

The final product will be delivered using the agreed upon method during the Consultation period.

white iPad
white iPad

Past Projects

I had the opportunity to collaborate with an international client on a project involving extensive editing of a training course. The course was in the process of being developed, and my role was to make significant revisions to the content. This included restructuring the course material, refining the language used, and ensuring that the information was presented in a clear and concise manner. It was a challenging task that required attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Through effective communication and teamwork, I was able to successfully enhance the training course and meet the client's requirements.

I worked closely with an actor turned self-publishing author, offering my expertise in substantive and copy editing. The author had written a self-help book specifically targeting individuals aspiring to enter the acting industry. My role was to review the manuscript, ensuring clarity, coherence, and grammatical accuracy. I focused on enhancing the overall flow of the text, refining sentence structures, and eliminating any inconsistencies. Additionally, I provided suggestions for improving the content and organization of the book, aiming to create a seamless reading experience for the intended audience.

I provided my editing and proofreading services to a client who was working on a faith-based biography. I carefully reviewed each chapter, ensuring that the content was well-structured and flowed smoothly. I paid attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, making necessary corrections to enhance the readability of the text. Additionally, I offered suggestions to improve the overall coherence and clarity of the biographical account. Throughout the project, I aimed to maintain the integrity of their faith-based message and ensure that their biography resonated with readers.

Email Training Course
Self Help Book

About Me

I am a freelance copy editor and proofreader based in Alberta, Canada. I have over 8 years professional copy editing and proofreading experience with diverse media. My experience has afforded me the opportunity to learn the different American and Canadian print styles.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a Minor in Psychology, a Professional Editing Certification from Mount Royal University and am also a member of Editors Canada.

Elizabeth McLean - Owner of E.M. Editing
Elizabeth McLean - Owner of E.M. Editing

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